When to Water Your New Plants

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Knowing when to water your new plants can be tricky. There is often a fine line between too little and too much water.

Before you begin caring for your new plant, you should always follow basic watering guidelines:

  • Water your plants at the base of the stem, not on the foliage. If water sits on the leaves and is left during the day, it is likely that the pooled water will cause your plant to burn from the sun’s light.
  • Never water your plants during the heat of the day; morning and evening is best.

You need to water directly after you plant. The amount of water your new plant needs depends on the size of the plant.

  • Smaller perennials need about 10-15 seconds of water straight from the hose.
  • Shrubs will need about 30 seconds straight from the hose.
  • Trees require two minutes of trickling water, and then a rotation to the other side of the root ball for an additional two minutes of trickling water.

Watering also depends on the season you decide to plant in. In the spring or fall, you can water the new plant twice a day for a week to let the roots establish. In the summer, you can water up to three times a day, depending on your climate, for the first week. On the second week, you will only need to water every other day. After the second week, you should only water as needed until the plant is surviving on its own.

If it has been raining, let the rain shower count as a daily watering.

If the plant is in an area where it doesn’t get much water, it may require more attention. For example, if your plant is planted on top of a berm, it will require more attention due to water run-off.

Keep in mind that some plants do not need as much water as others; so make sure to look up the plant’s water tolerance before planting.

If you have questions about the watering of certain plants, feel free to call us! We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


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